The Ohio River Road VFD mentor program is designed to help the candidate/probationary firefighter learn the everyday operations of the fire department. This is also to help the new firefighter obtain the state required classes their need in their first year of membership. Mentors are made up of senior firefighters who are well trained and knowledgeable in the day to day operation of the fire department. The mentors and the new firefighter that has been assigned to them will meet once a week for training. The mentors will work side by side with their new firefighter during monthly fire department training. The mentors are assigned to the new firefighter for their first year of membership with the department. The director of the program will meet once a month with the mentors and their candidate/probationary firefighter to check on their progress or discuss any problems that may occur. At the end of the candidates first three months the director will meet with the Fire Chief and make his recommendations for the candidates vote to move on to probationary firefighter. For he remainder of the firefighter's probationary period, monthly meetings will continue between the director, mentor, and probationary firefighter to mark the progression of the new member's skills. At 6th month of the probationary firefighter's time the mentor and the director will meet with the new member and they will be given a written test to evaluate the skills that they have learned. If there are any questions or problems from either member they are to report these to the director.